4 Types of Bar Code Scanners Your Boss Needs To Know About

So many workplace environments encounter a variety of bar codes on a regular basis—from the standard 1-dimensional to the more complex 2 or 3-dimensional bar codes. Retail stores, warehouses, loading docks and delivery trucks all need scanners that can handle all types. AbeTech has the equipment you want to handle all your scanning needs.

  • 1D Scanners:  This standard scanner is used to read a 1-dimensional bar code. These bar codes typically have a series of black parallel lines on a white background (e.g. UPC codes). Sometimes they will be color coded instead of black and white.

  • 2D Scanners: These types of scanners read almost any type of bar code. They are built to decipher a bar code that has been created to store its information both vertically and horizontally, such as the extremely popular QR code that was designed for mobile phones.

  • Fixed Position Scanners: These scanners can include both 1D and 2D scanning capabilities. They are usually used in a set position such as on a conveyor belt or retail counter.

When you need a new way to track and collect data stored in bar codes, AbeTech has a wide range of scanners available to fit the vast needs of your company. Let us help you find the bar code scanner that will feel like it was designed specifically for your business. Contact us today to find out more information!

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