Successful 2D Bar Code Verification in the Food and Beverage Industry

Are 99.9% read rates possible? It’s not out of the question! In fact, when food safety is on the line, you want systems in place to stop or reject product if the label or 2D bar code is incorrect in any way.

At any point in the food and beverage industry supply chain—from processing to packaging to distribution—bar codes are essential for product quality and safety. If these bar codes become damaged or worn along the way, customer safety and your brands reputation can be at risk.

Use reliable, trusted hardware

AbeTech has deployed hundreds of line verification solutions using Cognex Dataman Readers and our own Tevia Auto ID Controllers.

DataMan readers pair well with Automated Inspection Systems, such as AbeTech’s Tevia Auto ID Controller.  The small size and ability to read difficult codes at high speeds make DataMan readers flexible enough for any product verification system you may already have in place.

Cognex Dataman Readers

  • Reliably reads 2D bar codes

  • Superior read rates

  • Plug and play with Tevia Auto ID controller

  • ESD-safe metal construction       

AbeTech Tevia Auto ID Controller

  • Simply integrates with Cognex vision systems

  • Detects missing or incomplete labels/bar codes

  • Stops line on wrong read or misread

  • Controls reject mechanism

AbeTech will install and service your new hardware

Our vast experience installing vision systems and controllers means your install quick and easy, with reduced downtime of your lines. As a premium integrator, AbeTech can also provide:

  • Required hardware

  • On-site installation

  • Training

  • Technical support

Reach out to an AbeTech representative today for a free consultation to get started. We have machine vision specialists on staff to help you find ways to improve read rate performance and protect your brand. 

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