25 Years of Bar Code and RFID Excellence

Celebrating 25 Years Of Bar Code and RFID Excellence
Since 1992, AbeTech has provided stellar RFID and Bar Code solutions to businesses across a myriad of industries.
Founded by Steve Schmidt, AbeTech began with a simple goal: to provide high quality Bar Code and RFID solutions that truly transform business in a fast-paced marketplace.
We continue to act on this goal – helping thousands of businesses experience the kind of success they deserve. In fact, since its inception, AbeTech has completed over 20,000 installations in the US alone.
Real Quality for Our Clients
Over the past two and a half decades, AbeTech has maintained a commitment to excellence. Our values include:

  • communicating clearly and proactively

  • taking responsibility

  • pursuing knowledge

  • respecting others

  • embracing change

  • having fun through teamwork.

We have always known that our amazing people are the most important part of AbeTech; that our hardworking, visionary individuals make this organization what it is today.
A Tradition of Growth. Quality. Integrity.
AbeTech’s Mission Statement reads, “to be recognized as America’s chosen Supply Chain & Logistics Solution Provider, with an emphasis on manufacturing, distribution and field mobility, as measured by quality of service, knowledge, and total profits.”
This is the philosophy that has continued to propel the organization for over two decades, helping to guide our growth, and rocket AbeTech into the future.
After 25 years of success, we know we’ve only just begun. The technology and software world is quickly changing and evolving, and here at AbeTech, we are excited to change and evolve with it; creating world-class solutions that truly make a difference.

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