10 Considerations for Finding the Right Mobile Device


With so many models, suppliers, configurations and operating systems, making your selection can be difficult. But with the right choice you stand to gain in productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

1. Can it survive the inevitable?

Look for a device that meets the needs of your applications and won’t fail in the face of drops, spills, extreme temperatures, dust or dirt.

2. Will it need to be a scanner too?

If users need to scan more than a few bar codes, you need rapid scanning capability or productivity will suffer. Also, check whether you will need signature capture and card payment capabilities.

3. How long does the battery need to last?

If the device will be in use all day and your workers are always on the move with no access to a charging point, they will need a device with good power management, not just a big battery.

4. Is it going to be easy to use?

Operating system functionality and ergonomics will increase user adoption and eliminate workarounds. Leverage purpose built utilities to enhance the out-of-the-box experience.

5. What are the security risks?

Sophisticated mobile attacks are becoming popular so protecting your data requires the right application management. Look for application white-listing, AD/LDAP authentication and key management among other features.

6. Can it maintain connectivity?

When people need access to data on the go, the extent of WAN/WLAN connections and seamless roaming can make all the difference in productivity.

7. How will you deploy devices and manage support?

The ability to centrally and remotely manage your device fleet is critical to everything from staging to pushing upgrades to trouble shooting. AbeTech's in-house Professional Services team is there to assist as much as you need.

8. Is the support plan cost effective?

Evaluate the potential of device failures and what those will mean to your business. Armed with this information you can decide which support plan coverage offers you the best value for the money.

9. Is device life included in your ROI?

Having to constantly replace or upgrade devices and accessories can mean the use of many different models, higher capital expenditure and significant support complexities.

10. How much will it really cost?

When you calculate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), include potential costs for worker downtime, the device replacement cycle, additional accessories and support. Looking at just the device price might make it seem cheap, but over its lifetime it could turn out to be anything but.

AbeTech can help you make an informed decision

AbeTech can help you address these questions in the context of your work environment. Our experienced professional services team and account executives take the time to learn your processes to maximize efficiency.

Reach out to AbeTech today and start taking steps towards a smarter mobile device investment.

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