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Hot Swap Product Management

Hot Swap Product Management from AbeTech

Understanding that your data collection equipment is crucial to your organization’s day-to-day activities -- and that accidents happen -- AbeTech has created the Hot Swap Product Management program. Designed to keep you up and running while a product is under repair, the Hot Swap program enables you to  keep a minimum spares pool, reducing the need to manage excess inventory and letting you concentrate on moving forward, not on waiting for equipment to come back.
The Hot Swap program works like this: AbeTech keeps a predetermined quantity of hardware in your Hot Swap pool. We guarantee this equipment is programmed to your specifications, powered up and ready to go at any time. If a product in the field fails for any reason, and you need to send it in for service, you simply contact AbeTech (via the RMA process) and we will send you a replacement from your Hot Swap pool. Not only does this streamline the repair process, but also it keeps you operating at peak productivity.