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Application Modernization

At AbeTech our application modernization services help you modernize your applications and prepare them for tomorrow’s technology. We help you upgrade your IT systems while cutting costs and maintaining smooth operations.



Augment your IT capabilities and resources and gain access to the right skills and competencies to meet your demanding technology initiatives.
RESULT: A team of expert developers familiar with industry-leading technology.

 Proof of Concept

Mitigate technical risk and improve your project estimating using proof of concepts.
RESULT: Our team of experts will identify quick ways to validate technical and architectural assumptions.

 Remediation Services

Enhance your Telnet applications’ functionality allowing them to quickly run on the Android platform with a full GUI interface.
RESULT: Reduce training needed, increased productivity and custom workflows.


The best possible way to visualize your application running on a new platform. Our team of will work with you to quickly build interactive prototypes.
RESULT: Experience how the new application will look, feel and flow.

 Review and Roadmap

Our application review and roadmap provides an accurate understanding of your legacy systems.
RESULT: A fully developed business case for modernizing your applications.


Move your applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms.
RESULT: Your applications are optimized for modern hardware and infrastructure.

Why AbeTech?

Dependable outcomes that help you get more out of IT existing systems over the long-term while cutting costs and disruptions.

Informed perspectives on new, cost-efficient ways to host applications andadapt platforms.

Fast results from flexible teams that can be assembled and deployed rapidly anywhere in the world.