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Simple Solution Vastly Improves Inventory Accuracy

10/25/2014 12:00:00 AM

A large international manufacturer had problems tracking computer assets and furniture across 70 of their facilities throughout the United States. Using a paper-based system to track in-stock product as well as shipments and returns was insufficient and outdated. In fact, the manufacturer estimated that its inventory data was only 70% accurate using the paper process. The company needed a more efficient way to track inventory, now.

After analyzing the manufacturer's situation, AbeTech suggested using IntelliTrack's Check In/Out software. This web-based software package allowed the manufacturer to use bar codes, cordless scanners and PCs to track product as it came in and as it shipped out. The company was also able to use a portable data collection device to go through their inventory quarterly to check for discrepancies. The software licensing was concurrent, which allowed users all over the country to access it with a minimal front-end investment for the client.

Along with the software, the client purchased multiple Motorola data collection devices as well as cordless scanners and bar code printers. In addition, the manufacturer purchased multiple software licenses for both desktops and handheld units. AbeTech also provided training and provides ongoing maintenance services.

As a result, the manufacturer can now track inventory with 98% accuracy, as well as use the software's reporting capabilities to help reorder at min/max levels. Workers can also track inventory while in the field using a portable device.

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