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Track and Trace Solutions for Manufacturers from AbeTech

From the warehouse to shipping to carrier to end destination, AbeTech's track & trace solutions enable you to monitor your product's movement. Solutions include bar code and RFID tagging for internal traceability, as well as external customer compliance labeling mandates.
At AbeTech, we’re experts in architecting and deploying turnkey and custom solutions that enable you to track and trace the progress of your order or shipment at the product, case or pallet level throughout your distribution network. Whether you need to track it back to your line or to a location in your warehouse or to an employee’s office, AbeTech has the track and trace solution for you.

AbeTech solutions include

  • Receiving
  • Raw materials
  • Work in process
  • Finished goods
  • Shipping
  • Mailroom packages

Food Traceability

Since 2005, the FDA has required food facilities to maintain records identifying the source, recipient and transporter of food products; a process referred to as traceability. The purpose of these records is to help the FDA trace a food product through each stage of the food supply chain, if and when it may present a serious health threat. It’s really pretty simple—in a food emergency, the FDA’s responsibilities include finding the source of the contamination and helping to remove unsafe food products from retail shelves.

Bar Code and RFID data collection for Manufacturing:

For more information on Asset Management and how we can help support your data collection needs, contact us.