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RFID Technology from AbeTech


Sophisticated RFID readers, scanners and printers to bolster productivity in the workplace.

AbeTech is your premier supplier for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. In automated data collection, RFID is among the most sophisticated technology available on the market today. It tracks assets and inventory faster and with more flexibility than traditional bar code scanning equipment, reducing downtime and labor costs in the long run.  We offer a full line of RFID equipment from industry leaders.  Our equipment includes: RFID Readers, RFID printers and encoders, RFID antennae, RFID tags and other supplies.

For all of our RFID hardware, software and certifications we partner with the following:

  • Hardware
    Alien Technology, Honeywell, ThingMagic, Zebra
  • Software
    Custom Solutions, Stratum Global
  • Certifications
    Alien Academy, CompTIA RFID +, Intermec RFID Certified, Zebra RFID Certified, ScanSource RFID Edge, Zebra RFID Authorized Solutions Provider

We offer a full line of RFID equipment from industry leaders:

  • RFID Readers
  • RFID printers and encoders
  • RFID antennae
  • RFID tags and other supplies

Upgrade your system to take advantage of RFID benefits:

  • Reduce out-of-stock issues
  • Automated proof-of-delivery
  • Centralized monitoring and management of inventory
  • Improved theft protection
  • More timely and more granular business intelligence
  • Improved product traceability

AbeTech has an extensive knowledge base and thorough product training of all RFID technology. Our company can help you choose the data collection and transmission system that matches your current and future business requirements. We’ll assess your company needs and then provide recommendations and product support that helps you manage your data system. Our certified RFID engineers will design, test and install the solution to custom-fit your business processes and goals.

For more information on RFID technology and how it can help support your data collection needs, contact us. With over 10 years of experience and hands-on training, along with multiple Fortune 500 installations, AbeTech can provide you with a clear-cut solution to your RFID needs.