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Leverage Bar Code and RFID Solutions from AbeTech –Factory Floor to Warehouse Systems to Mobile Service and Sales—and  Drive Major Productivity Improvements. 

Who can afford “good enough” today? More than ever, success means performing at peak efficiency, innovating to increase productivity, managing your assets even better. Maybe that means enhancing workforce mobility and device management, or implementing RFID solutions, or improving bar code systems.

At AbeTech, we take our mission seriously: to leverage our depth of experience in data collection to create innovative bar code and RFID systems and solutions—wired or wireless-- that increase productivity significantly. What’s the real benefit? High-speed data capture with greater accuracy, streamlined efficiency, and fast ROI. With more than 20 years of experience, AbeTech can share expertise in:

  • Warehouse management
  • Asset management
  • Inventory systems and management
  • Fleet management
............and more



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You don’t have to be a tech junkie to get a thrill from new technology. 
Our culture is crazy about acronyms. From KFC to SEO to RFID, we’re surrounded by abbreviations. 
Are you hearing a lot of buzz about vertical markets? 
Liquid Solutions.  Beer.  Networking.
Data capture technology is advancing all the time. Businesses can keep track of people and products faster than ever. 

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