25 Young Women Leaders Need a Sponsor!


Be The Hope 

AbeTech is a proud partner of Common Hope,* and this September we are teaming up to Be The Hope for students in Guatemala! Currently AbeTech sponsors Brandon an 11th grader studying business administration, and AbeTech employees sponsor eleven additional students. Our sponsors help students be able to go to school, and the whole family have access to Common Hope’s programming. On behalf of Common Hope, thank you for your support and partnership of the children and families in Guatemala!

This week of September 20-26, AbeTech is helping Common Hope find sponsors for 25 Young Women Leaders. Guatemala is greatly affected by gender inequality, yet we know that a high school diploma triples a woman’s earning potential in the country. There is no better way to change the paradigm than to sponsor a young woman and help her claim her education. Sponsor one of the Next Women Leaders today, and your impact will continue for generations!

Common Hope has a matching gift this month of September for their Sponsorpalooza. Their goal is to get 100 new sponsorships which will help secure $6500 new dollars for Common Hope’s COVID-19 Crisis Response! AbeTech is joining in their efforts by promoting the featured gallery of Aspiring Healtcare Workers this week!

Learn more about Common Hope at www.commonhope.org/sponsorpalooza or follow Common Hope on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

*Common Hope is a Minnesota founded non-profit which for over 30 years has partnered with children and families in Guatemala to help students gain a high school diploma and families break the cycle of poverty through education, health care, housing, and family development.

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