Meet the duo built to enhance the modern quality control process.

Ensure reliable order verification in your manufacturing facility with Zebra and AbeTech.

Industrial scanning...

has a massive impact on how your company inspects and validates labels, ultimately redefining quality management. To prevent errors from entering the supply chain, AbeTech empowers facilities with modernized fixed scanning that:


inventory visibility


your print and apply automation


next-level accuracy in your line operations with added intelligence


Brings more
versatility and power to loading docks

Elevate your verification system with the best:

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See the benefits of industrial scanning.


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Combine Zebra's fixed scanners and AbeTech's Tevia

for dependable order verification that goes beyond expectations.

Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners

  • Captures challenging codes like 1D, 2D, and DPM
  • ImagePerfect ensures you have the best image for every inspection
  • Easy-to-deploy smart cameras
  • Monitor the overall print quality of full labels

AbeTech’s Tevia software

  • Control label updates remotely

  • Manage tracking and confirmations on one platform

  • User-friendly color interface

  • Compatible with any camera

Count on AbeTech to guide you to the right solutions.

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