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Inventory and Asset Tracking

Take Control of your Inventory and Assets with AbeTech Bar Code and RFID Solutions

With AbeTech’s asset and inventory tracking solutions, you will gain real-time visibility into all of your business, wherever it resides. That translates directly into greater customer satisfaction and improved productivity. No more missed sales due to out-of-stock problems, or late delivery/lost time caused by missing assets, because you’ll know exactly where they are, exactly when you need them. There’s a solution to fit every need, big or small, bringing greater speed, accuracy and transparency to inventory and asset control.


Inventory Management Solutions from AbeTech

It’s missed sales when your shelves are empty, while the inventory sits back in the stockroom, or worse, at the warehouse. Implementing AbeTech’s inventory tracking solutions will lend you real-time visibility into your entire inventory, whether warehoused, in transit, or on the floor. Mobilize it with handheld computers and printers, wireless networks, and RFID, all channeled into award-winning inventory tracking software and integrated by AbeTech experts. Modules include:

  • Check In/Out
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Stockroom
  • Tool
  • Crib

Warehouse Management Solutions from AbeTech

As anyone in warehouse planning knows, there’s more to running an efficient operation than randomly stacking pallets of finished goods near the dock doors. Directed picking, put-away and replenishment are just a few of the components to a successful warehouse management system (WMS).

At AbeTech, we'll assist you in creating a total solution to control the movement and storage of raw and finished goods within a warehouse, as well as processing the associated transactions quickly and efficiently using:

  • Standalone or integrated WMS software
  • Mobile data collection devices
  • Wireless infrastructure for real-time connectivity
  • Pallet and case labeling equipment
  • RFID technology

After completing a functional definition process to determine your logistical and tactical warehouse needs, we’ll consult with your Operations team to create the proper WMS solution. As a result, you can expect significant ROI with:

  • FIFO picking
  • Physical inventory and cycle count
  • Inventory planning
  • Directed order picking and product put-way
  • Other traditional WMS features 

Asset Management Solutions from AbeTech

Whether on the production floor, in the clean room or anywhere else inside or outside your organizations’ four walls -- real-time asset information is essential to profitability and productivity. Thanks to AbeTech’s asset management solutions, you can monitor and manage your assets with immediacy, whether for production planning or inventory tracking. Eliminate downtime and lost productivity when a tool or part goes missing. Speed up response time when you need to find the work cell where a QC check has identified an issue. In fact, with RFID technology and award-winning asset management software, a simple point-and-click will enable you to find out exactly who left with which asset, where and when. That way, you can quickly locate whatever item is missing or moved, and who is responsible, saving time and boosting productivity.  Asset tracking and management has never been more streamlined—and dependable.