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RFID Systems

The most sophisticated technology for on-the-go data processing


Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is among the most advanced technology in existence for automated data collection and processing. RFID systems from AbeTech can track and manage your inventory and assets quicker and easier than traditional bar code systems.

RFID Systems:

AbeTech provides your company with guidance and support in finding the RFID system that best matches your company needs.  We will help you implement the process that can streamline and simplify your data collection. Our industry-certified RFID engineers are manufacture-certified based on years of experience and specialized training. They will listen to your company’s concerns, and then design, test, and install the solution that is customized to fit your goals.  

Benefits of RFID Technology:

  • RFID Asset Management
    Tracking and managing your assets is easier than ever with RFID technology. Find out who or what is responsible for missing or moved items quickly and easily with streamlined equipment enhanced with RFID technology.
  • RFID Inventory Management
    RFID systems make inventory management a breeze. Find items in your establishment easily with real-time visibility. Stop losing business due to stock issues. Trust the equipment with RFID technology.
  • RFID Work In Process:
    Simplify tracking of work in process (WIP) with a variety of RFID systems available from AbeTech. From the factory floor to the customer’s hands, WIP is seamless with RFID and brings work productivity to an all-time high.

AbeTech will enhance your data capture and processing applications by helping you upgrade to RFID technology. For more information, contact us. We’ll help you find the business solution that best matches your needs.