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Extreme AirDefense Services Platform

Simplify Management and Monitoring of Your WLAN

If security, compliance and network assurance is important to you, then the Extreme AirDefense Services Platform might be just what you are looking for. This platform will also help with infrastructure management, including proximity awareness and analytics, while its flexible design will maximize deployment and lower the implementation cost.
The AirDefense Services Platform allows for flexibility when adding new applications and services, without risk. The graphical user interface is designed for centralized management and easier control of your network. The AirDefense Services Platform can be customized for your specific business needs, so integrating security, compliance and infrastructure requirements won’t be an issue. To keep costs down, the AirDefense Services Platform is designed for 24/7 support on any 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN deployment.

AirDefense Services Platform

  • Security & Compliance
Wireless IPS
Wireless Vulnerability Assessment
Advanced Forensics
  • Infrastructure Management
WLAN Management
Centralized Management Console
  • Network Assurance
Client Troubleshooting
AP Testing
Spectrum Analysis
Advanced Forensics
  • Proximity Awareness & Analytics
Wi-Fi Analytics
Historic Location Analysis

Are you looking to improve operations, alleviate risk and guarantee compliance? 

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