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Extreme AP7532 Access Point

High Performance Dual Radio Access Point

Do you need throughput with direct forwarding, enhanced security and site survivability? If so, then the Extreme AP 7532 Access Point might be the right solution for you. This high-performance access point focuses on 802.11ac and is equipped with WiNG intelligence to serve as a virtual controller, with the ability to operate up to 64 neighboring access points. And, there’s a second radio that can sensor troubleshooting and security requirements.

Reliability will never be an issue with the AP 7532. It is designed to sense weak and failing signals while securely moving operators to alternate APs. The boosted signal power and pre-emptive intelligence ensures that mobile users have uninterrupted access. And the access point will not only continue to run interrupted; the wireless network will continue to function by working with other local access points to deliver zero downtime and straight through user connectivity.

The Extreme AP 7532 utilizes a simple deployment and maintenance schedule, allowing you to significantly reduce overall installation, maintenance and troubleshooting costs for deployments. The architecture, security and mobility of the AP 7532 allow for better direct routing and network resilience than other similar solutions.

Product Details

  • Weight: 2lbs
  • 2 LED indicators with multiples modes
  • Network: 802.11a/b/c/n/ac
  • 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands
  • VLANS/WLANS controller-dependent
  • Maximum data rate 2.4GHz: 600 Mbps
  • Maximum data rate 5GHz: 1.267 Gbps
  • Maximum data rate per AP: 1.867 Gbps
  • Simultaneous users per radio: 256
  • Antenna configuration: 3x3 MIMO

Are you interested in achieving the network you need with less hardware and flexible network options for multiple configurations?

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