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Fixed Position Scanners

Fixed Position Bar Code Scanners

When it comes to the fixed position scanners required by logistics companies, storage warehouses and product manufacturers, AbeTech has the expertise and partners to ensure that your company will be using the best!

Unlike the smaller handheld 1D and 2D bar code scanners, fixed position scanners are not designed to be mobile. They are used in larger operations to quickly and accurately scan large numbers of products and cartons as they pass on a particular checkpoint on a conveyor line. These scanners are highly specialized so that they can be as efficient as possible in their given roles, so knowing exactly what your needs are is critical to finding the correct scanner. Whether you need 1D, 2D or RFID scanning, AbeTech’s specialists can help your company connect with the technology that it needs to be as successful as you know it can be!

Contact AbeTech today to ensure you get the right tool for the job, the first time!