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Datalogic PowerScan PD8500 and PM8500 series

The Answer To Your Data Collection Questions

The PowerScan 8500 series is Datalogic’s premium line of rugged industrial handheld data collection tools. Designed to work efficiently and accurately in a variety of situations, the wired PD8500 and the wireless PM8500 are both excellent tools at any point in your business.
Datalogic is one of the most trusted names in the data collection industry and they’ve used their years of experience to build these solid bar code readers. Both series offer omnidirectional reading of 1D and 2D bar codes, with variants that specialize in medium or high resolution scanning (the Standard or High Density models, respectively), as well as the Wide Angle model which allows for scanning of longer and larger bar codes. The PowerScan 8500 series ensures that your workers are able to quickly scan bar codes in any environment.

Product Details

Optics available in Standard, High Density and Wide Angle models
  • Datalogic 3GL (3 green light) and loud beep for good read feedback
  • Point-to-point and Multi-point transmission
  • Reads 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Optional display and 3-key keyboard available
  • Omnidirectional reading from contact to 11.8in/30cm
  • PM8500 mobility guaranteed by Datalogic’s narrow-band STAR cordless system
  • Operates over a wide range of temperatures
  • Ergonomic enclosure is lightweight and well-balanced, to ensure operator comfort
  • IP65 weather and water sealing
  • Datalogic’s instinctive 5-dot aimer
  • PM8500 features user-replaceable 2150mAh Li-Ion battery with up to 10 hours use time.

The PowerScan 8500 series is designed with a variety of users in mind, from warehouse workers tracking inventory to retail employees at the point of sale. The rugged, industrial design is built to withstand the sort of heavy use you expect to find in most applications. The long-lasting, user-replaceable batteries ensure 100% uptime so that your workers are always ready. A 3 year factory warranty gives you peace of mind that your scanners will work when you need them, wherever you need them!

Task workers can use this for all applications including:

  • 1D and 2D bar code scanning
  • Location Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Capture and Retrieval
  • Point of Sale scanning
  • Logistics Scanning (assembly line or package tracking)

Whether working in an industrial environment or in a retail environment, workers need a bar code scanner that they can count on. Datalogic has a proven record of fast, accurate scanning technology and the PowerScan 8500 series is the premiere set of devices continuing that tradition!

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