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ThingMagic Sargas

2-Port UHF RAIN RFID Reader

The Sargas is a very small, high performance, multiprotocol, networked 2-port UHF RAIN RFID reader. Multipurpose client and host USB Ports, an SD card slot, an HDMI video output port, and high voltage, opto-isolated general purpose 1/0 ports allow Sargas to support a wide variety of applications in both indoor and sheltered outdoor environments. Outfitted with a powerful ARM Cortex processor running Linux and generous amounts of DDR and FLASH memory, complex on-reader programs can be written with the aid of ThingMagic's MercuryAPI. An optional pre-packaged on-reader program, RAINstream, enables Sargas to stream custom formatted tag data to multiple hosts over common communications channels.

Making RFID Easy to Use

ThingMagic is dedicated to driving the barriers to deploying RFID technology as low as possible. ThingMagic designs products to be easy to use out-of-the box and to deliver predictable, reliable, and repeatable performance. The development tools require little RFID expertise, enabling you to rapidly design, test and deploy your RFID solutions.

ThingMagic Sargas Reader Key Features:

  • Support for EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) with Anti-Collision and DRM
  • 2 antenna ports with RP-SMA connections
  • HDMI port for easy display integration
  • Ethernet, micro SD and 2-USB (host & client) ports
  • 1 GHz ARM 8 Cortex processor, 512 MByte memory, 4 GBytes Flash, custom applications may be loaded
  • ThingMagic Reader Assistant software and applications development tools
  • Support for full 860 to 960 MHz UHF RFID carrier frequency range to accommodate worldwide regulations
  • Certifiable for operation in countries adopting FCC, ETSI, KCC, TRAI, ACMA, SRRC regulatory specifications (Open (Customizable) 860-960 MHz)
  • Tag Read Rate up to 750 tags/second with high ? settings
  • Tag Read Distance > 9 m (30 feet) with appropriate antenna
  • Operating temperature range -20 to +60º C with appropriate duty cycle
  • Dimensions: 87 mm L x 80 mm W x 23.8 mm H (x3.4 in L x x3.15 in W x x0.94 in H)

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