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Card and Wristband Printers

High-quality thermal imaging printing

Zebra-HC100.jpgWhen printing specialty items for the workplace, you need specialty printers that are up to the task! Choosing a printer that performs the tasks that you need ensures that your workers are performing efficiently and are focusing on completing their work rather than on the printer. This leads to lower costs, improved quality and better customer service.

When choosing a specialty printer, it’s important to know where they are to be used and what features are required. Will monochrome suffice, or will you require color printing? Are there wired ethernet connections nearby or will you need the latest in wireless printing technology? When printing access cards for your employees and visitors, is a simple swipe card enough or would you feel better with the added security of lamination?

AbeTech works with several of the biggest names in on-demand, task-specific printer manufacturers to ensure that no matter what your needs are, we can find the printer that’s right for your workplace. Contact AbeTech today