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Zebra MC55AO

Manage all your business programs and scanning applications using just one robust, hand-held computer
Increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace with a hand-held computer designed specifically to meet your business needs. This rugged Wi-Fi enabled equipment is intended for on-the-go jobs and tasks that require instant attention, including working as a wireless bar code scanner. Meet the complex needs of managers and employees alike with the MC55A0 Series by Zebra.

Product Details

  • Built to last with a rugged exterior for many different work environments
  • Advanced wireless connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Improved productivity and efficiency in the workplace
  • Four scanner options for high-performance use, including 1D and 2D
  • The latest technology, fastest processor and largest memory in its class
  • Can be cleaned and sanitized with standard cleansers

The Zebra MC55A0 series works great in a range of business applications including retail, healthcare, and government agencies. There is no need to worry about transferring bacteria and infectious diseases as this hand-held computer can be sanitized using common cleaning materials without harming sensitive components. This makes it ideal for bedside treatment in hospitals and other caregiving establishments. Eliminate errors in the workplace by trusting your business and your patients to this stylish and rugged handheld scanner.

Task workers can use this for all business applications including:

  • scanning bar codes
  • taking pictures and videos
  • accessing personal business apps
  • browsing the internet and logging onto email
  • making and receiving calls
  • using as a push-to-talk device

With the Zebra MC55A0, your data is protected with government-grade security without affecting speed and efficiency in everyday use. Contact us today to see if this hand-held computer is the right solution for your team.

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