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Honeywell (Intermec) CK3X

Hand-held, gun-style image based scanner built to meet the needs of the modern, high paced business world.

When you need your hand-held scanner to meet the fast-paced needs of your business, you can trust the results of the Honeywell (Intermec) CK3X. This gun-style, hand-held scanning device uses technologically advanced image-based scanning and speech and voice functionality to carry out the complex needs of your busy work environment.

Product Details

  • Rugged construction for tough working conditions
  • Removable, rechargeable battery, with spare battery, for constant use
  • Optional accessories including screen protector, stylus, vehicle docks, external battery chargers, field-attachable scan handle and holster
  • USB host and client
  • Various keypad options available
  • Endurance tested and drop tested
  • Compatible with receipt and label printers

Avoid the unnecessary expenses of many single-use items by combining a hand-held scanner, communication tool, RFID reader, and other data management operations in one device. The Honeywell (Intermec) CK3X can accomplish the vast range of data collection needs in nearly any business application. With a flexible scanning range and a business platform that’s unparalleled, you can’t go wrong.

Business Applications

  • Speech and voice functionality
  • RFID Reader technology
  • Wide range of scanning capabilities for use in all applications
  • Pre-approved user access control
  • Adaptable to ever-changing technology
  • Built to support your unique business programs
  • Bluetooth radio communication

You can expect to keep up with advancing technology when you use the Honeywell (Intermec) CK3X hand-held scanner. 

Contact us to discuss your unique needs and to see if the Honeywell (Intermec) CK3X Series is right for your organization.

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