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Honeywell Dolphin® 99EX

Hardy mobile computing for transportation and logistics

The Honeywell Dolphin® 99EX is designed as a front-line resource for employees in transportation and logistics environments. This hardy device has the latest technology is wireless capabilities. It also allows for quick, on-the-go switching between GSM and CDMA networks. Whether you’re at your customer’s front door or unloading an 18 wheeler, the Honeywell 99EX is designed for easy, all day use.

Product Details

  • Top-of-the-line wireless technology
  • Multi-functional data capture
  • Durable construction
  • GPS capabilities
  • Integrated Shift-PLUS™ technology
  • Various keypad options available
  • Integrated motion, light and proximity sensors

When you need a hardy mobile computer designed for employee use, the Honeywell Dolphin® 99EX from AbeTech is a sure bet. Built to withstand multiple drops on concrete of more than 6 feet, this device is designed for ease of use in heavy-duty environments. You also get all day battery life so that you won’t have to stop working in the middle of a delivery.  

Use this device in a wide range of business environments, including the following:

  • retail loading docks
  • truck delivery
  • international logistics
  • the factory floor

Ready to make a switch to the Honeywell Dolphin® 99EX? For more information on this or any of our mobile computing devices, contact AbeTech today.

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