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Getac S410

Finally, a notebook durable enough to withstand three foot drops, flexible enough to support the peripherals you need and mobile enough to turn any location into a productivity center.

When your work calls for multi-tasking on the go with complex business applications, rugged Getac notebook computers can’t be beat. The Getac S410 is purpose-built for maximum performance and durability in the office, warehouse, truck or in the field. Read on to find out what sets the Getac S410 apart from other notebooks in its class.

Multitasking and mobility in one

With the Getac S410 rugged notebook, you get the latest generation Intel processor for powerful multitasking without sacrificing battery life. Speaking of battery life, the S410 features a hot swap battery bay so you can change batteries on the fly.

Productivity follows you wherever you go whether you have the notebook in the office or warehouse on a desk mount, or if you’re traveling in a vehicle out in the field. The device boots quickly so downtime is a thing of the past.

Built tough

AbeTech recommends Getac tablets for harsh environments, and the S410 stands out in its class. The matte plastic casing features a handle as specifically designed for workers on the go and dust covers on connectivity ports increase water resistance. If you’re working in extreme temperatures, there’s no need to worry: the S410 can withstand temperatures as cold as -5.8° F or as hot as 140° F! The 14 inch multi-touch LCD display uses Getac’s Lumibond 2.0 technology with Gorilla® Glass included. The 1000 NiTs of brightness is bright enough for outdoor use even in sunlight.

The S410 isn’t just physically tough, the software is also strong and secure. Getac includes Intel’s “Trusted Platform Module 2.0” technology. This added security feature checks for signs of tampering during system boot up, so your software and files are always safe and secure.

Flexibility for your needs

There are no compromises with the connectivity and customization options available on the S410. Stay connected anywhere you go with options for 4G radios and XLTE, a second Ethernet port, gps radios, nfc or RFID readers, smart card readers, custom vehicle mounts and more. All configurations come with the same durable construction and a three year warranty from Getac.

Product Details

-Windows 10 (or Windows 7 by request)
-14” HD color LCD screen
-Dimensions: 13.8” x 11.5” x 1.4”
-IP52 rated
-Weight: 4.9 lbs (varies depending on options chosen)
-Dual 802.11ac WiFi
-4G LTE / XLTE options available

Contact AbeTech to see if the Getac S410 for true multitasking on the go.

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