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Warehouse Location Labeling

Warehouse Rack Labels Solutions Outlined

AbeTech offers a variety of labels for ceiling, rack and floor location identification.  We can print human-readable bar code labels for your organization either on retro reflective, polyester or paper label stock that facilitates both standard and long range scanning.

Product Details

  • Our polyester labels are durable and long lasting.  The polyester does not stretch or contract to the same degree as other materials which is crucial for barcode labels.
  • Permanent pressure adhesive guarantees lifetime adhesion.  Our polyester labels hold up against bumps to warehouse bins and pallets that occur by normal movement  in a warehouse environment. 
  • Our retroreflective labels are extremely functional and feature a wrap around design that allows upper level rack mount labels to be scanned from up to 40 feet from the floor.  A great amount of light is reflected making it easier for the barcode to be read, and therefore the rack labels can be placed much further away from the scanner. 
  • Rack labeling is better than manual labeling because of it’s ability to scan a rack label to document time, date and location of an activity.

Product Applications

  • Warehouse rack labeling is a versatile solution that is cost effective to implement and results in substantial savings of time and money.
  • Streamlines processes and reduces workforce demands.
  • Maintains tighter inventory control and eliminates confusion for workers.
  • Creates a smooth flow of operations for the warehouse operator.  Warehouse Rack Labels are easy to identify and they make it clear for the worker as to which barcode is scanned for each location.
  • Color rack location labels are used to help differentiate racking levels, storage zones and product groups.

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