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Variable Imaged Labels

Variable Imaged Labels Details and Specifications

In Variable Image printing, graphics, text and images are intentionally changed from one piece to another.  You can vary the information or images used with a preset design of the label being printed.  An area of the design is designated as the variable image location and our software and digital press work together to produce as many different versions of the label design as you require.  There are many different options available through AbeTech for your business labeling needs.  We have hundreds of labels sizes in stock.

Product Details

  • AbeTech has the ability to work with the following: bar codes, graphics and logos, incrementing data fields, data from your database and RFID encoding.
  • Our extensive line of printers allow us to print labels up to 6.6” wide and up to 300 dpi.
  • A great option for packages and labels that contain specialized barcodes, multiple languages, labels for different brands, date labeling, country of origin labeling, variations in color and text, scratch off labels and direct marketing campaigns.
  • Offer the ability to create compelling personalized marketing messages.  A great tool for offering seasonal promotions, targeted geographical promotions and event marketing.  
  • Creates a one-of-a kind packaging rather than a one size fits all.

Product Applications

  • Our variable imaged labels are perfect if you don’t have the volume to justify a system but you need labels printed.
  • Perfect if you have a large print job and don’t have the manpower to manage the job.
  • A great option if your printer is being serviced but you still need labels printed.

With over 25 years of experience, our team at AbeTech can help you choose the best label solution for your business needs.  We have several different budgeting options available for your convenience. 

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