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Supply Management Solutions

Get the Label or Tag You Need, When You Need It

AbeTech offers a variety of purchase plans and labeling options, so you can procure the right label media in the most cost-effective and timely way. No waiting, no hassle, no downtime.

When you need to have ribbons or labels on hand at all times, placing a blanket order is your best option. When you agree to purchase a bulk amount of labels and/or ribbons over a given period of time, AbeTech can guarantee they’ll be in stock and ready to ship upon your request. Best of all, you pay only as you use them.

Blanket Order

A blanket order is a quick, simple way to make sure your custom labels are in stock and scheduled to ship when you need them. Provide a single purchase order for a six- or twelve-month supply and pre-schedule your shipping dates. A blanket order provides:

  • Price protection
  • Pre-scheduled shipments
  • Low minimum requirements

Blanket Make and Hold Order

Not sure when you will need your labels? This blanket option provides the flexibility to request shipments when you need them over a 90 to 180 day timeframe. Provide a single purchase order for the entire supply, then simply call or email your PO in and we release the labels! A blanket make and hold order provies:

  • Reduced label costs due to a larger run quantity
  • Flexible shipment dates and quantities
  • Renewable

Inventory Management Program

With both Blanket and Blanket Make and Hold order options, AbeTech manages your custom label inventory based on a mutually agreed upon forecast. Perfect for customers with multiple shipping locations that require labels at different times. Always in stock, same day or next business day shipment, our Inventory Management Program provides:

  • Annual agreement
  • Same-day or next-day shiping options
  • Eliminates your inventory carrying costs

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