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Materials Kitting

Materials Kitting As A Tool To Increase Business Performance

Kitting refers to the grouping of parts and materials that are needed during the manufacturing process of a particular product into a kit which is issued together often under a single part number.  Parts within a kit are commonly consumed either during the same time or during a short space of time making their supply as a group more efficient than supplying them individually.

Product Details

  • Shipping delays are avoided in kitting because all items ship together.
  • Reduces the administrative cost of ordering a large number of components from multiple sources.
  • Helps to reduce space requirements in your warehouse.
  • Ensures maximized machine operation.
  • Results in a reduction in material handling and part processing time at point of use.
  • Better quality laminates and health and safety improvements are made through reduced handling.  
  • Offers consistent component quality, reduced materials and waste and production time savings.
  • Flexible in nature in that different levels of service exist to accommodate a diverse range of industry requirements.
  • Cost effective in that it can reduce touch-labor cost by more than 50% and materials waste by an average of 40%.
  • Efficient operator practice in that operator motion is reduced due to assembly-line stock and storage which can reduce manufacturing time by more than 50%.

Product Applications

  • Reduces internal labor costs associated with procurement, logistics and installation of material.
  • Reduces returns and shrinkage.
  • Improves customer service both internally and externally.
  • Money is saved through reduced administrative costs, leveraged buying and reduced receiving costs.
  • Part and process quality is improved through production process standardization.
  • Increased manufacturing capacity and improved manufacturing time.
  • Consistent component quality is improved and simplified inventory control is maintained.

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