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Hitachi Inkjet Printers

Non-contact, inkjet printing is prefect for a wide range of applications in shipping or receiving in the warehouse, manufacturing and processing of food and beverages, or pharmaceuticals or electronics. Hitachi Inkjet printers have been trusted for over 40 years for marking and coding using continuous inkjet industrial grade marking.

Whether you’re printing best before dates, logos, barcodes, lot numbers or data matrix codes, Hitachi inkjet printers are perfect for complex or standard applications.

Unmatched reliability

Hitachi Inkjet printers are designed for industrial applications, so reliability and durability are a must. Developed for long periods of uninterrupted runtime, with the RX2 Series or UX Series of inkjet printers from Hitachi, your workers won’t constantly be checking ink levels or print quality.

The build quality of Hitachiinkjet printers will also impress. Stainless steel construction and an IP65 rating means pressurized water and industrial level detergent won’t harm the printer. This is perfect for food processing and manufacturing lines that require spray down wash after shifts are over.

Ease of use

Giving your workers more time to focus on production and less time maintaining equipment is at the heart of Hitachi’s industrial design. All Hitachi inkjet printers feature a 10.4 inch color touch screen for print operation and messaging. Intuitive operation and clear on-screen instructions mean less chance for erroneous printing.

A common issue with inkjet printers can be difficult loading of ink. Hitachi makes this process easier with simple fluid management to reduce spills. RFID recognition of ink cartridges and bottles insures the correct fluid is being used. The new cartridge design on the UX Series means loading new inks is easier than ever.

Choose Hitachi for your inkjet printing needs

For easy maintenance and durability you can trust, choose Hitachi inkjet printers. AbeTech has certified technicians to help you with the transition from older systems. Reach out to AbeTech today.