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Cognex Dataman 300/360 Series Bar Code Readers

When you need to quickly and accurately read ID codes with 1D liner and 2D matrix symbologies in industrial environments, look no further than the Dataman 300/360 series fixed mount readers from Cognex. You get a reader with high-performance, flexibility and ease of use in one complete package.


Advanced algorithms for reliable 1-D and 2-D code reading
The Dataman 300/360 series image-based bar code readers use advanced technology that lets you read codes at very high speeds. 1DMax is a 1D bar code reading algorithm for omnidirectional codes. Paired with Hotbars II technology to help locate, extract and decode difficult codes, you will see extraordinary read rates and the highest speeds.

For 2D codes (matrix symbologies and DPM codes), Dataman 300/360 series readers feature 2DMax technology. Similar to its 1D counterpart, 2DMax locates and reads 2D codes even if they have significant damage, wear or degradation.


Optimal image formation of any code in any environment
AbeTech recommends Dataman 300/360 series readers because they work well in multiple work environments. Field changeable optics and lighting mean you can customize your reader to fit different locations depending on lighting or distance from reader to product.

The build quality of Dataman 300/360 series readers allows for flexibility as well. ESD-safe metal construction simplifies installation and guards against damage. The housing also accepts optional polarized or non-polarized front covers for easy cleaning and added protection.

East of use

DataMan barcode reader quick setup app
AbeTech can help install your new readers and make sure everything is running smoothly. Once installed the Dataman 300/360 series readers are simple and intuitive to control and manage. Cognex provides a bar code reader quick setup app where you can see images in real time, adjust configuration settings and troubleshoot issues.

Because of the simplicity and robust feature set of the Dataman 300/360 series, AbeTech can easily pair them with the Tevia Auto ID Controller for product and label verification needs.

Contact an AbeTech representative today for more information on the Cognex Dataman 300/360 series fixed mount readers.

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