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Automated Labeling

High Speed Reliability

What if you could triple the speed of your manual labeling process without sacrificing reliability and accuracy - even for labels with variable data? What about improving label placement accuracy? Or facilitating compliance requirements? It’s all within reach when you implement automated labeling systems from AbeTech.

Optimize Labeling Efficiency

You will benefit from more than 25 years of labeling system expertise when you call AbeTech.  We will deploy automated labeling solutions that increase the efficiency of your labeling processes by:

• Delivering repeatable, reliable automated label placement at speeds far surpassing manual application
• Eliminating the need to keep high inventories of pre-printed labels
• Empowering you to automatically print and apply variable-data labels directly to product, case or pallet, erasing manual hours and errors

Expect Fast ROI

Ultimately, AbeTech will align your labeling system with best practice standards and will focus on maximizing the value of your investment for the greatest return on investment (ROI). A typical labeling system designed by AbeTech will pay for itself within six months. ROI calculation stems from the long lifecycle of the labeling system, resulting media savings and overall productivity gains.

Our Partner


CTM Labeling Systems

Supporting clients before, during and after the sale of an automated labeling system is paramount to both AbeTech and our partner, CTM Labeling Systems. Both teams employ dedicated, experienced and well respected support staff members to ensure you get the assistance you deserve.

Flexibility Improves Your Process

If you want to save time labeling, reduce labeling costs or give yourself printing flexibility, then call the experts at AbeTech today! We can assist you with any of the following:
• Individual product, case or pallet identification
• Print & apply
• Label applicators (apply only)
• Fully automated or semi-automatic labeling systems 

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