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Microscan LVS 7510 Print Quality Inspection System

Never worry about label compliance and quality again!

High-speed barcode reading and quality inspection with the Microscan LVS 7510 will ensure the accuracy and data integrity of your labels. Perfect for product label verification in the following industries:

-Medical device manufacturing

-Pharmaceutical manufacturing

-Consumer goods packaging

-Specialty chemical manufacturing


  • Error notification

  • Accuracy and data integrity

  • Validated system applications

  • Database archive and connectivity

  • Barcode verification and trend graphing

Accuracy and data integrity

Barcode Verification (grading of barcodes)

Whatever combination of 1D or 2D barcodes you use, the LVS 7510 will grade them using internationally accepted standards including ISO grading and real-time graphing. You can view trends to compare to previously printed labels and set up warning alerts.

Barcode Validation (reading of barcodes)

Different from grading, barcode validation simply inspects codes and alerts you if they are “readable.”

Printer Integration

The LVS 7510 integrates perfectly with AbeTech’s xi4 line of Zebra printers. Contact an AbeTech representative today to learn more about additional models available.

Advanced vision technology

Master to Label Comparison (Blemish Detection)             

No more missing information, skews, smears, die cut errors or registration errors! The LVS 7510 checks your labels for blemishes with pattern-matching zones and sensitivity settings for expected variables.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This reporting feature reads characters and creates reports of the data content.

Optical Character Verification (OCV)

Upload a known field or database and the LVS 7510 will read or verify your labels against your expected strings.

Number Validation

Labels with numerical series’ are verified and/or matched according to duplicate detection, sequence errors or external data files.

Data and Code Matching

Encoded data is verified to be readable and synchronous within multiple fields on a label.

Get started today to see these benefits and more

The Microscan LVS 7510 Print Quality Inspection System has the vast amount of features and the flexibility you need to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all your labels. Pair with your Zebra xi4 series printer today to seamlessly:

  • Identify defects

  • Eliminate fines and disputes

  • Reduce rework

  • Control waste

  • Avoid liability

  • Provide operator notification of print quality degradation, enabling proactive maintenance

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