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Mobile Device Management from Abe Tech

Device Management

AbeTech's Soti MobiControl Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is an effective and award winning solution

An effective MDM system provides real-time analytics and diagnostic reports to generate valuable business insights of the enterprise’s mobile workforce.  It also safeguards your enterprise from security breaches and enables your IT staff to create a user-friendly and efficient mobile environment.  All from one point of control.  Soti MobiControl from AbeTech is an award winning MDM system that integrates smartphones, tablets and other rugged devices, including BYOD, and it includes support for Android and Apple IOS.  Soti MobiControl from AbeTech is a worldwide leader in enterprise mobility management with over 12,000 users worldwide.

Product Details:

  • Provides enterprise IT departments with a peace of mind that their devices are never compromised.  Secure web browsing and real-time malware scanning protects enterprise networks from internal and external threats.
  • Helps you to get the right application to your mobile workers in a fast, secure and scalable manner.  An application catalog gives users a one stop shopping experience for corporate approved apps.
  • Supports all major formats and files can be seamlessly delivered one-to one, one to many and one to all.
  • Exchange access controls prevent unmanaged devices from accessing the corporate exchange server.  Administrators can create email sharing and forwarding policies to protect against data leakage and inadvertent disclosure of sensitive company information.  
  • Allows content to be geo aware and allows access to sensitive data to be based on a geographic location.

Product Applications:
High levels of granular analysis can be automated and pre scheduled to monitor numerous parameters over a specified period of time.  Reports can be generated and exported in all major file formats.

  • It is the fastest and the most reliable interactive remote control of Android and Windows for optimal help desk capability and troubleshooting.
  • Provides enterprises with the flexibility to deploy the solution as an on premise solution or in the mobile control cloud.
  • Alerts administrators when a device is compromised so immediate action can be taken.
  • Reduces IT support costs, increases productivity, enhances enterprise mobility and enables BYOD initiatives.

Soti MobiControl product information