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AbeTech is the leader in RFID product solutions- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is cutting edge technology in the automatic identification data collection industry that can reduce time and labor costs. Let us show you how it is done.

Tablet Computers

Ruggedized and lightweight, tablet computers designed for the mobile workforce are becoming a more popular substitute for laptops. Learn more on what AbeTech has to offer.

Mobile Computers

For any application, AbeTech can offer the optimal data collection tool for your specific business needs, inside or outside of your four walls.


Compact, rugged and easy to use, AbeTech sources and recommends the best bar code scanners on the market to help facilitate you needs on your budget in any industry, in any application.


Whether for work in progress, order fulfillment, distribution, inventory control, shopping & receiving, or other applications, AbeTech can provide the best bar code and RFID printer for the job.

Wireless Infrastructure

To facilitate and expedite the collection and transfer of important data for industry, AbeTech offers a wide variety of wireless access points and wireless switching equipment by the best names in the business.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

If your workforce is traditionally situated for hours in a fork truck or company vehicle, rugged mobile computers are ideal for the environmental demands of a traditional distribution center, warehouse or even a fleet of cars and trucks.

Industrial Equipment and Systems

Whether you are looking for a standalone or integrated labeling system or an RFID print, encode and apply system, AbeTech has the experience and knowledge to successfully implement automation into your labeling processes.

Labels, Ribbons and Tags

To ensure you always have the type and quantity of ribbon you need, AbeTech uses customized programs to guarantee we’ll have exactly what you need on hand ready for immediate delivery.

Bar Code/RFID Accessories

From cradles to custom cables, let AbeTech help you arm your workforce with the right accessories in order to avoid downtime and get the job done.

Device Management

Security is one of our top priorities- and yours. Partner with AbeTech and you will find a solution that secures, monitors, manages and supports your mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises.

Terminal Emulation

Access, manage and maintain connections to all your applications that reside on host systems, easily and effectively--even mobile ones, with AbeTech.