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Warehouse and Inventory Management

Warehouse and Inventory Management Solutions from AbeTech

There’s always more to running an efficient operation than randomly stacking pallets of finished goods near the dock doors. Directed picking, put-away, inventory, kitting, labeling and replenishment are just a few of the components to a successful warehouse management system (WMS) for the wholesale and distribution sector.
At AbeTech, we'll assist you in creating a total solution to control the movement and storage of raw and finished goods within a warehouse, as well as keep processes flowing the quickly and efficiently using:

  • Standalone or integrated WMS software
  • Mobile data collection devices
  • Wireless infrastructure for real-time connectivity
  • Pallet and case labeling equipment
  • RFID technology

After completing a functional definition process to determine your logistical and tactical warehouse needs, we’ll consult with your Operations team to create the proper WMS solution. As a result, you can expect significant ROI with:

  • FIFO picking
  • Physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Inventory planning
  • Directed order picking and product put-way
  • Other traditional WMS features 

Data Collection Solutions for Wholesale & Distribution:

For more information on wholesales & distribution and how we can help support your data collection needs, contact us.