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Wholesale & Distribution

Streamline Systems with Wholesale and Distribution Solutions from AbeTech

The name of the game in wholesale and distribution management is to locate, manage, and move products throughout your facility without delays and black holes.

Whether you're managing durable goods, such as radial tires, or perishable items, such as produce, you need instant access to critical data, or you risk wholesale chaos. Relying on decades of knowledge, experience, proven processes and dedicated partnerships, we work with you as a trusted partner to create a scalable data collection solution that will solidify efficiencies across your entire supply chain.

With AbeTech, you’ll be able to accurately pick and ship orders and reduce inventory shrinkage, all while empowering your employees with accurate, real-time data. This improves productivity while reducing unnecessary expenses.

We provide the dedicated whole and distribution management bar code and RFID data collection solutions and support you need for:

For more information on wholesales & distribution and how we can help support your data collection needs, contact us.