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Transportation & Logistics

Keep Logistical Nightmares at Bay with Transportation Tracking Solutions from AbeTech

Once upon a time, you sold what you made, where you made it. That was then. Today – with ever-expanding global markets, soaring fuel costs, shrinking margins, proliferating regulations and demanding customers – whether you ship by air, on the ground or by sea, access to real-time data is critical to your success. In transit, that includes having the means to monitor routes, fuel levels, temperatures, container contents and miles covered. Upon arrival, you must rely on an efficient way to track, move and store goods through the yard, in the warehouse, or to the customer.

With state-of-the-art AbeTech bar code and RFID data-collection solutions, wherever your cargo goes, we can help you better maintain inventory records, manage and track assets and increase worker productivity by automating data-collection tasks and minimizing manual paperwork.

As your trusted business solution provider, we’ll provide the bar code and RFID data collection solutions, along with all the support you need.

Transportation and Logistics Solutions from AbeTech:

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