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Increase Speed, Accuracy and Transparency with Manufacturing Solutions from AbeTech

In today's global economy, manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce production costs and deliver greater value to their customers. Automating data collection to support just-in-time and lean manufacturing practices will help you to stay competitive. In fact, manufacturing traceability is a necessity, not an option anymore.

AbeTech’s solutions for manufacturing needs can significantly simplify tracking work in process (WIP), parts and finished goods from the factory through the warehouse and to the customer, while seamlessly interfacing with warehouse management and ERP systems. Our bar code and RFID solutions help you meet quality control metrics so the right products get to the right location, all the time.

We've helped automate over 25% of Fortune 500 companies, providing solutions with uncompromising wireless security, superior performance, rapid deployment and centralized support. Working as your trusted business solutions partner, we’ll provide the bar code and RFID data collection solutions you need for: