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Shop Floor Data Collection

Streamline your Processes by Automating Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop floor data collections solutions from AbeTech enable manufacturers and service organizations to use real-time information to track information on inventory, tools/materials and other assets, work in process (WIP), labor, and quality control. What’s more, they can link operational data to existing ERP.
By creating a more seamless flow of continuous, accurate documentation related to the condition of machines and materials, you'll experience fewer errors and improve productivity. You can also:

  • Automate your KANBAN process to maintain a continuous work flow
  • Enable personnel to find and deliver required parts more quickly
  • Reduce line-side inventory
  • Accurately monitor parts used and maintain correct manufacturing protocol
  • Synchronize inventory with manufacturing processes
  • Monitor plant usage, line sequencing, throughput and machine performance to find and fix potential problems before they cause schedule delays

Work in Process Solutions from AbeTech

Profit from clear views into your Work in Process (WIP) with bar code and RIFD WIP solutions from AbeTech. Whether your shop floor manufactures, assembles, or services goods, you will benefit from knowing exactly what’s going on everywhere up and down your line by collecting cycle and dwell times. Issues can be resolved quicker, adjustments made, and downtime minimized. Productivity can also be analyzed and improved continuously.

Labor Tracking Solutions from AbeTech

Drive up productivity while empowering your workforce with labor tracking solutions from AbeTech, namely with the riteTime labor data collection application. It enables organizations to automatically collect time metrics against jobs, providing real-time data tracking for designers, line employees, maintenance staff, and management. riteTime’s easy user interface enables even remote staff to enter time spent on jobs, maintenance tasks, or work orders, so that productivity can be measured simply and accurately.

Quality Control Solutions from AbeTech

As they say, to err is human—which is why quality control solutions from AbeTech help reinforce data entry, security and validation processes. Any repetitive manual task can become tedious and error-prone. Thus, effective quality control measures must ensure that, for instance, the label is placed on the box the same way every time, or the shipping bar code is consistently legible, or the medical product in the box sent to a hospital matches its labeling always. AbeTech’s bar code and RFID quality control solutions provide that validation capability for many daily processes, protecting you from recalls, mis-shipments, or wrongly packaged products. And not erring makes a huge difference to your customers.