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AbeTech aquires Interface Systems, Inc.

In June of 2013, Interface Systems, Inc. was acquired by AbeTech, a company that provides bar code and RFID solutions.

Interface Systems, Inc. was established in 1989. We provided one-on-one support to companies that found it difficult to keep up with constant changes in both hardware and software. We take pride in the service and support we provide to our clients. As part of AbeTech, we remain dedicated to providing you with the first rate attention and the highest quality products that you deserve.

Interface Systems Inc. Benefits:

·        Top rated products
·        First rate customer service
·        New advances in product lines
·        Complete turnkey solutions
·        State-of-the-art technology

We looked into joining forces with a company that would allow us to expand the hardware and software we provide. We wanted to be able to continue providing our clients with the support they needed while increasing our product lines and resources. AbeTech is a company that shares our values which is extremely important to us. This helped us make our decision and we are very excited about the future and the ability to continue to support your needs.
For more information on AbeTech, please feel free to Contact Us if you have additional questions. Enjoy your visit! 

I just wanted to say thanks to you for being so helpful with us. Your tech came in before my shift started and I didn’t get the opportunity to say so. You guys have been really great, and we really appreciate it! ~ COKeM International

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