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Terminal Emulation

Terminal Emulation from AbeTech

AbeTech can provide thin client, host based terminal emulation (TE) and sophisticated terminal session management capabilities built for mobile environments and diverse OS’s via best-of-breed StayLinked and Wavelink software.  Terminal Emulation systems help your business to access, manage and maintain connections to all your applications that reside on a host system easily and effectively, even mobile ones.

Product Specifications

  • Because of its unique architecture, StayLinked Terminal Emulation system is the fastest TE solution available for mobile devices.
  • StayLinked delivers the most secure Terminal Emulation solution available.  All telnet or SSHV2 communications take place on the host machine and are never broadcasted over the wireless network.
  • With StayLinked a session can be shared across multiple devices for training purposes.
  • Wavelink Terminal Emulation software is fully voice capable and supports virtually all data types.  It has the ability to accept data from the keyboard, barcode scanner, voice inputs, RFID reader, magnetic stripe reader or touchscreens.
  • Wavelink TE runs across your DOS/Legacy units and windows based devices.  It uses 5250, 3270, VT100, VT110, VT220, VT320 and HP.  You can run multiple emulation systems at the same time from the same device. 

Product Applications

  • With StayLinked workers “remote control” the applications instead of having “fat apps” distributed throughout the enterprise.  This minimizes risk and downtime and maximizes security and productivity.
  • StayLinked works even with very slow or erratic wireless networks where other TE systems would fail.  StayLinked virtually eliminates dropped sessions between the mobile device and the host application.
  • StayLinked offers a great ROI and reduces user end support costs as the most common source of IT calls are related to barcode scanning devices and dropped telnet sessions.  IT staff can spend less time supporting and more time on business operations.
  • Wavelink TE provides intelligent data collection and communication functions.  Wavelink TE comes tightly integrated to be remotely configured, secured, managed and updated from a central management console.

Rely on AbeTech to recommend and seamlessly deploy the best solution to fit your Terminal Emulation needs.  Call us today at 888-682-3113 with questions or to request a quote.  Our industry experts are here to assist you.  Contact us today.

StayLinked product information

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