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Automated Labeling and Scanning

Automated Labeling Systems

Increase label placement accuracy and decrease the manual labor required to label your products with automated labeling and scanning solutions from AbeTech. From bottles to boxes, we have a solution for any automated labeling requirement, whether it’s a desktop print-and-apply system, an apply-only solution, or RFID print, encode and apply solution. AbeTech incorporates key elements such as fixed position scanning, verification, and product handling into its solution, depending on your need. AbeTech also deploys separate systems for Direct Part Marking Scanning.
We know that every label application differs, whether in label size, location on the product, cycle rate, or variations in product dimensions. That means that every automated labeling system also must fit unique parameters in order to operate with streamlined ease and functionality. AbeTech customizes and deploys automated labeling solutions that increase the efficiency of your labeling processes by:

  • Delivering repeatable, reliable label placement at speeds up to three times faster than hand application.
  • Eliminating the need to keep high inventories of pre-printed labels.
  • Enabling you to automatically print and apply variable-data labels directly to product, case, or pallet, eliminating manual hours and errors.

Fixed Position Scanning from AbeTech

When speed, volume and labeling accuracy intersect, you can rely on AbeTech’s best-of-breed fixed position scanning systems. Scalable to any size product or line, fixed scanning enables efficient bar code data collection for mission-critical business processes, such as verification or bar code/RFID compliance. AbeTech performs an in-depth analysis of your existing system, taking into account conveyor systems, label placement and specifications, product size and shape, and interface details, then implements the best fixed scanner solution to fit your requirements.

Print and Apply Labeling Verification

Support QC and RFID compliance initiatives with bar code and RFID tag verification, automating the sorting process as goods move down the line. Verification systems from AbeTech can save money and enhance productivity by eliminating labeling errors BEFORE they become issues, by validating correct lot or SKU identification on each label immediately after placing it, with built-in flexibility to fit your enterprise needs.

Product Handling with Print and Apply Labeling from AbeTech

A key element of any good automatic labeling system is the product handling capabilities attached to it. AbeTech’s product handling systems ensure that your product, whatever its size, shape or label placement, passes through the labeling system the same way every time. By presenting a product line to AbeTech’s labeling systems with uniformity, labels will be affixed correctly time after time, reinforcing labeling accuracy as well as your professional image.

Direct Part Marking Scanning from AbeTech

AbeTech deploys specialized scanning systems for direct part marking validation/identification, when read-rates need a boost. If your line handles components with direct part marking in low contrast (not black on white, say), most scanners cannot consistently read the marks. AbeTech’s DPM scanners provide customized lighting to enhance the contrast and thereby read the markings reliably, facilitating labeling validation and other forms of item identification.